The nations' eyes are fixed upon the fate of ObamaCare.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is scrambling to ram through a second attempt to pass ObamaCare 2.0, this time with the help of weak-kneed Republicans and Democrats.

And inside sources are saying that Congresswoman Barbara Comstock may cave to special interest groups at any time.

That's why she needs to hear from you.

Call Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and tell her "No Deal; Full Repeal!" immediately:

(202) 225-5136

Your call will deliver a powerful message, with only a few simple words.

"You won your seat on the promise of ending ObamaCare, and I expect nothing less than full repeal; no deals."

So call Congresswoman Barbara Comstock right away, and tell her "No Deal; Full Repeal!" at her office immediately:

(202) 225-5136

And once you've called, please chip in $25 or $10 to allow us to reach between 6,400 and 16,000 concerned Americans through social media and Internet ads -- calling upon them to demand their Representatives fully repeal ObamaCare.